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State Testing

Utah School Report Card

2023-2024 State Assessment List

Please click the link above for a list of Utah State Assessments and descriptions for each assessment

Navigator Pointe Academy administers the following State Assessments:

- RISE Summative Assessments (3rd - 8th grade)

- KEEP assessments (Kindergarten)

- Acadience Reading (Kindergarten - 3rd grade)

- Acadience Math (Kindergarten - 3rd grade)

- DLM Dynamic Learning Maps (only for qualifying 3rd-8th grade students)

- RISE Summative assessments (3rd - 8th grade)

- High School Civics Exam (8th grade)

- Access for MLL's/WIDA Screener (only for qualifying Kindergarten-8th grade students)

2023-2024 State Testing Opt Out Form

Please return your Parental Exclusion from State Assessment Form above to the Front Office. Forms do need to be completed for the applicable school year. If you completed a form last year and wish to opt your student out this year, you will need to complete the 2023-2024 form.

"Although you can submit a Parental Exclusion form at any point, if you submit the Parental Exclusion form to the school at least 24 hours prior to your child taking the test(s), the school will ensure that your child doesn’t access the test(s)."

Board Rule 277-404-7 (

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