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  Please book in-person tours below and contact our Front Office Staff with any questions at 801-840-1210. If you are unable to make a tour during the days/times below, please contact Ms. Pierce to schedule one at a different time.

Please limit the size of your participating party to 3 people. We welcome your prospective student to attend as well. If at all possible please try not to include small children as the tours take place during school hours and may provide a distraction to students and staff. If you are unable to make this arrangement, we do understand.

Tour Availability:

- February 20th: Prospective Families - 9AM

- March 5th: Newly Accepted Families - 9AM

- March 19th: Prospective Families - 9AM

- March 26th: Newly Accepted Families - 9AM

- April 9th: Prospective Families - 9AM

- May 21st: Newly Accepted Families - 9AM

*Summer Availability upon request by emailing*

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